Well, thank you for your interest in Dryve and the current ventures of it's former members. Here is the latest as of 2009-


Keith has a blog called BehindTheKit.com you should check out. If you subscribe you will get a free unreleased Dryve song never heard by anyone ever!!! Just go to the blog, register, and then send him an email saying you have done so and he will email you the tune.

Keith is currently in a band called "The Tallships". They are on record label based out of Prague called Minority Records and are currently about halfway through recording a new record. Go to Keith's myspace page to hear a rough demo of one of the new tunes.

Paul has been playing in a band called "The Midwinters" and gigging a fair amount in the San Diego area. Check out their myspace link

Steve is writing music the world has yet to see.

Cory is writing music the world has yet to see.

David and Michael are behind the scenes secretly plotting God knows what.



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